Impact Of A Day At The Beach

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*Included in Jason Marinko's Starry Nightmares

What was a beautiful, relaxing seaside afternoon has turned into an ugly confrontation. Todd & Rosalind have met at the wrong time in one another's life and the results will be fatal. 

You are not paying that hag four hundred dollars,” Anne protested to her husband. Anne’s voice was a mere echo in Todd’s eardrum. He may have been at the shore physically but mentally he was back at work getting shit from the accounts receivables manager. He was thinking about sitting in gridlocked traffic on the way home. He crushed the beer in his hand without realizing it and the sound of Kyle crying brought him back to reality.

“Are you listening to me Todd?!” Anne snapped at him.

“STARRY NIGHTMARES is a highly original, spine-chilling collection of short stories and poems tailor-made for readers who like the violence graphic. Bad karma stalks many of the characters, often delivering grisly comeuppances, although surprise ending make it impossible to reliably predict who will survive. The stories and poems are adeptly crafted with gripping plots.” Susan, Editor at Palmetto Publishing