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Missed By One

*Included in Jason Marinko's Starry Nightmares.

If she crosses your path the interaction will be minimal at best and hatred inspiring at worst. Meet Janet. She doesn't like much except for her evening bottle, her Pall Mall 100's, Jeopardy! and The Carpenter's. Janet tells people off, speaks her mind and reports the wrongs she sees in others. She's been at the end of her rope for years on end and survives by her routine. That routine is about to change in missed by one.

“What is it you want from me Ruth? I’m divorced, my kids won’t talk to me, people at my job hate me, and the landlord hates that I feed the cats too, even though it didn’t bother him when he still wanted to screw me, but I guess that’s why I get charged late fees now. I’m sorry if I don’t give a shit about John’s garden, your package, your son, or his bucktoothed wife. Now fuck off!” Janet screamed, then slammed the inside door so hard it made Ruth shudder.

“STARRY NIGHTMARES is a highly original, spine-chilling collection of short stories and poems tailor-made for readers who like the violence graphic. Bad karma stalks many of the characters, often delivering grisly comeuppances, although surprise ending make it impossible to reliably predict who will survive. The stories and poems are adeptly crafted with gripping plots.” Susan, Editor at Palmetto Publishing