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Time The Avenger

Blood from the savagely beaten body of Paige's one-time friend and former classmate, saturates the white lines of the parking spaces in the Middleton Mall. When the news reaches her, she's forced to reflect on her tumultuous past.

Travel back with her to the halls of Middleton High 1988, when the course of her life and the fabric of her existence were forever altered when she met Max Garret. Witness the invention of vengeance, that will come to devastate a nation in Jason Marinko's premier novel Time The Avenger.

She looked at her book, grabbed her Trapper Keeper and was distracted by Max's phone number scribbled on the loose sheet of paper. "Can't call and warn him either," she said aloud while respooling her Peter Gabriel cassette tape with a pencil after her tape player had chewed it up. She opened her English Lit book and allowed her mind to escape the social turmoil of MHS. After ignoring the assigned reading Paige read a few pages of excerpts from The Count of Mone Cristo then fell fast asleep.

"Time the Avenger is a temporally complex action thriller built around impeccably crafted characters, vivid spatial environments, and multilayered social relationships. Ultimately the novel perfectly balances intimate scenes of domesticity, friendship, and social friction with almost cinematic action sequences brimming with sensorial intensity."-Nicholas K  Editor, Palmetto Publishing