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Nightmarish Reality-Based Urban and Rural Horror Collection

Jason Marinko, author of the tragic revenge novel Time The Avenger, returns with another nightmarish entry into the annals of the thriller genre. Jason Marinko's Starry Nightmares reminds readers that not every night filled with stars is a magical dreamscape—the dark holds terrors, some of which land close to home. This collection of reality-inspired short stories focuses on urban and rural landscapes with characters whose fear, suffering, and striving mirror our own. 

Developed as a companion piece to Time the Avenger, this anthology also embraces themes of human-centered (and human-wrought) fear. There is the couple from the inner city pulled out of their comfort zone as they traverse a mountain peak, stalked by an unseen adversary. There is the group of friends shoveling snow who discover that their neighborhood holds a parent’s worst nightmare. There is the evil lurking in a public park that will leave a teenager fighting for his life. These tales involve deeply human horrors—atrocities people inflict on one another in the spaces that feel closest to home.

Marinko’s writing spins narratives that challenge our perception of our own innocence. For fans of hard-hitting, truly terrifying stories that take place in their own backyards, Jason Marinko’s Starry Nightmares will also appeal to those who enjoy crime-based horror, suspense, and writing that refuses to pull punches.