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New Suspense Novel TIME THE AVENGER pays homage to Classic Revenge Novels

The horror and thriller genres are steeped in East Cost tradition a literary space occupied by homerun hitters like Stephen King (Carrie) Richard Bachman (Rage) and Michael Punke (The Revenant) who explore the mental landscape of human struggle in local and historical settings. These stories are grounded firmly in realism, bringing the darkest aspects of human nature to the forefront, often centering around antihero character studies, and delving deep into the pain that drives an individual forward to healing—or fatal regression.

Time The Avenger by Jason Marinko joins that rich tradition with a sweeping narrative surrounding an investigation into a murder that conjures up remembrances of a troubled past. When Paige’s former friend and classmate is pulverized at the hands of a killer, her recollections take her back to 1988, through the corridors of Middleton High School. Through her memories Paige pieces together how past and present connect, as a plot for tragic revenge unfolds.

A coming-of-age novel full of 80’s nostalgia, information age chaos, nail-biting tension, friendship, and love in the face of life-threatening turmoil. The telling spans the social upheaval of the late Cold War and comes to a murderous halt amid the late 2000’s housing crisis and economic recession. Fans of chaotic thrillers, crime noir and modern tragedies will love Time The Avenger. A Gen- X saga that proves you never get too old to take your revenge.